Friday, December 08, 2006

STUFF: Romania to buy back 2000-year-old bracelets

Romania to buy back 2000-year-old bracelets
07 December 2006

BUCHAREST: Romania is set to pay an American art collector 800,000 lei ($NZ454,600) for four 2000-year-old gold bracelets stolen from an archaeological site six years ago, authorities said.
The 24-carat bracelets, each weighing around one kilogram, are part of a collection of 15 believed to have been dug up by thieves from the site in Transylvania.
"We managed to find them and bring them back to Europe ... We are taking them at the same value as paid by the American," said Culture Minister Adrian Iorgulescu, adding that the current owner had bought the bracelets legally.
In September French police seized one of the bracelets, which had been put up for sale in Paris for 90,000 euros ($NZ177,00).,2106,3891760a12,00.html


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