Thursday, November 30, 2006

Jurnalul National: Event: Official Launch of Sibiu at UNESCO

Event: Official Launch of Sibiu at UNESCO
29 Noiebrie 2006 de Sebastian S. Eduard

Correspondence from Paris
Yesterday, the UNESCO Maison hosted the event for the presentation of the “Sibiu – the European Cultural Capital in 2007” project, organized by the Ministry of Culture and Cults in collaboration with the Romanian Permanent Delegation at UNESCO.

More than 250 members of the permanent delegations at UNESCO together with media representatives from Romania and France have been invited to this event. The Romanian delegation is led by the Minister of Culture, Adrian Iorgulescu, and by the governmental commissary of this project – Sergiu Nistor. This way, Sibiu, one of the greatest medieval architectural sites in Europe, submits its candidacy for a place on the list of the monuments in the UNESCO patrimony. The visual communication for Sibiu will be ensured by the varnishing of the exhibition called “Sibiu: Young Since 1191”, an exhibition that meets the international environment for the fourth time, after Strasbourg, Patras and Berlin.

The event for the promotion of the program will also benefit from a favorable Romanian context caused by the reception for the presentation of Academician Professor Dr. Nicolae Manolescu, the new Romanian ambassador at UNESCO, of the permanent delegations and by the celebration of Romania’s national day at UNESCO.
Translated by SORIN BALAN


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