Thursday, November 30, 2006

Nine O'Clock: Magyar organisations want ‘unitary national state’ notion eliminated from Constitution

Magyar organisations want ‘unitary national state’ notion eliminated from Constitution

The organisations also want autonomy for the Magyars from Transylvania, and request the Romanian authorities to not prevent the organisation of the referendum.
published in issue 3821 page 5 at 2006-11-30

Sfantu Gheorghe - The Magyar Civic Union (UCM), the National Szeklers’ Council (CNS) and the Association of the Magyar Youth from Transylvania (ATMT) adopted jointly a memorandum which requests among others to eliminate the definition of unitary national state on the occasion of the modification of the Constitution of Romania.

According to Mediafax, the leaders of the three Magyar organisations enumerate in the memorandum the requests in eight points, on behalf of the Magyar community. One of these requests is the elimination of the definition of national unitary state on the occasion of the modification of the Constitution of Romania, and to introduce instead the idea that Romania is a multinational state. It is also requested to include in the Constitution the territorial-administrative reorganisation of the country, in order to replace the present counties by larger administrative units, with more extended attributions, which will also play the role of the development regions. “Their borders will be established subject to local referendums,” reads the document.

It is also requested to modify the law of the political parties, in order to avoid limiting their right to association and to assure the registration of the regional parties that represent smaller territories. The signatory Magyar organisations want also the modification of the electoral law, in order to eliminate the “discriminatory provisions,” first of all those which “make impossible the presence of the national minorities’ organisations in the local and national political life.”

The three Magyar organisations request the Government to begin immediately the negotiations with CNS, and the organisations from the Szeklers’ County of UDMR and UCM with a view to assuring the appropriate legal framework for the settlement of the Szeklers’ County as autonomous region, taking as a base the draft of the law regarding the status of the autonomy of the Szeklers’ County drafted and submitted to Parliament by CNS.

“The Romanian authorities should not prevent the organisation of the referendum initiated by CNS, while EP should assure through its observers its organisation according to regulations,” also reads the document. The Government is also requested to begin the negotiations with the National Council of the Magyars from Transylvania, namely UDMR, for the elaboration of a draft of a law that would assure the personal autonomy of the Magyars from Transylvania. “Until these claims are settled, the members of the Magyar community from Romania feel like second hand citizens on the earth of their forefathers,” also reads the memorandum.

Minorities’ status, once again postponed due to lack of quorum
Juridical, education and human rights commission within the Chamber of Deputies yesterday failed to debate the draft law regarding the national minorities’ status, because of Deputies’ absence. The President of the Commission for education, Lia Olguta Vasilescu noticed the lack of quorum as only four Deputies from the Commission for human rights were present. The three Commissions have postponed several times the debates on the national minorities’ status, claiming there were not enough Deputies for the meting. PSD representatives announced, few months ago, that they would no longer attend the works as UDMR does not mention its stand towards the statements made by Vice-Premier Marko Bela concerning territorial autonomy.
by Simona Popescu


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