Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Dzeno Association: Training on interethnic communication

Training on interethnic communication
27. 11. 2006

Ludus - Over 75 ethnic Roma, Hungarian and Romanian citizens took part on November 18th, Ludus, Mures county, in the training sessions organized by Foundation Freedom House Romania and Balkan Investigative Reporting Network, on the issue of inter-ethnic communication.

The courses targeted the medics and teachers, the servants and the staff with the Police and Gendarmerie in Mures county, assigned to Ludus area and Hadareni community, where a large number of Roma people are living.
The training was attended by 32 persons, employees with Mures Gendarmerie and Ludus Police.

The chief commissary Silviu Erusencu, with the National Agency to fight Human Trafficking within the Defense Ministry, held the course. This course focused on information to fight and manage conflict situations. In order to increase the efficiency of the course, the training was attended by people actually working in field positions as well as decision-making persons. Silviu Erusencu believes this is the solution to preventing decision-making deadlocks.

Mariana Buceau held the course for medical staff, which gathered 10 family medics in Ludus area, who registered on their lists a large number of ethnic patients, and five medical nurses and sanitary mediators. It included information about inter-ethnic communication and modalities for an efficient relationship between the medical and ethnic Roma patients.

The third course targeted teachers working with ethnic Roma pupils, namely teachers with the General School in Hadareni as well as with schools and high schools in Ludus. Servants with the Ludus public administration also took part in the course. Two trainers, namely Maria Korek, program director with the regional branch of the NGO, Project on Ethnic Relations, and Elisabeta Danciu, an ethnic Roma teacher in Caransebes, held an interactive meeting. The meeting explained the ethnic Roma specific, traditions, social behavior, and values, as well as about efficient means to reach out to ethnic Roma pupils.

The training session organized by the foundation, Freedom House Romania, and Balkan Investigative Reporting Network is part of the Program for communitarian development in Hadareni, managed by the Government of Romania through the National Agency for Ethnic Roma.(Divers)


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