Monday, December 11, 2006

Nine O'Clock: Berceanu promises 250 km of highways per year

Berceanu promises 250 km of highways per year
published in issue 3828 page 9 at 2006-12-11

On Friday, Minister of Transports, Radu Berceanu, promised, in a press conference in Timisoara, that the construction schedules for the highway will be reanalysed.

“Over the next 10 years, Romania will have to build 2,500 km of European roads”, according to Minister Berceanu, after having returned from Arad, where he took part in the inauguration of a segment from the city surrounding belt, constructed with funds disbursed by Local Council and by the Government.

On the other side, Radu Berceanu affirmed that the next segment between Nadlac and Arad, with a total length of 38 km and an estimated investment value of EUR 150 M, could be completed in 36 months, and Arad – Tmisoara segment, 31.6 km, worth EUR 2.023 M, in 24 months, provided that solutions are found for accelerating the process.

Minister of Transports drew again the attention as regards the pace of work in case of highways, affirming that the deadlines within which work is conducted at the infrastructure of Romania were too long, and the approach strategy of these works need to be changed.

“Currently, there are very long deadlines, Since the time we intend to do a work, a road, a highway, and until it is completed, the current deadlines, according to the lists I have found in the Ministry, provide for four years, five years, eight years. If we continue at this pace, then we shall have perfect highways and roads for our children and grandchildren, not necessarily for us”, the Minister said.

On the other side, the MTCT official asked the consultants and engineers working in construction that after the termination early last week of the contract with the Greek constructor J/V Efklidis Konoike Aegek, the works at the belt surrounding Timisoara and at DN Timisoara – Lugoj to be resumed shortly. He warned the consultant and the engineer that unless they observe a reasonable deadline, they may enter “the black list of contractors”.

Bechtel to employ 1,000 workers for Transylvania highway

Bechtel Company intends to employ almost 1,000 workers for the construction of Transylvania highway, in Alba County, but also from areas neighbouring the route of the European road.According to Alba sub-Prefect, Clament Negrut, county authorities have recently had a meeting with the representatives of Bechtel Company, within which they discussed about a partnership in recruiting labour force specialist in constructions.
by Raluca Tonita


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