Monday, November 27, 2006

Yahoo! News: Gypsies Vow To Impale Borat Star

Gypsies Vow To Impale Borat Star
Monday November 27, 09:24 AM

Furious gypsy villagers have vowed to impale the star of hit film Borat for poking fun at them. They want revenge on creator Sacha Baron Cohen for portraying them as rapists and prostitutes. In the film, scenes said to depict Borat's Kazakhstan home were filmed in the Romanian community of Glod.

Gheorgie Pascu - who sold Baron Cohen a cow used in the film - told The Sun: "Borat made us look like savages.
"This is Transylvania, home of Dracula. If he ever returns we will stick a stake in his backside and impale him."
Luca Tugaciu added: "Borat came here with police to guard him during filming.
"If he ever returned, it would be the end for him."

Villagers claim they were underpaid and were not informed that the film was a comedy.
Two have filed a £15m lawsuit, saying they were told the film was about poverty.


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