Sunday, October 29, 2006

Nine O'Clock: President of National Szeklars’ Council resigned

President of National Szeklars’ Council resigned

Csapo Joszef did not motivate his decision. CNS affirms that they would continue the fight for autonomy and they ask for local referendums to be initiated.
published in issue 3798 page 5 at 2006-10-30

Sfantu Gheorghe – The president of National Szeklars’ Council, Csapo Joszef (photo), resigned from the office of Council leader, without motivating his gesture. CNS vice president, Ferencz Csaba, declared that the participants in CNS Standing Commission, convened in session on Saturday in Sfantu Gheorghe, learned about this decision and Josezf will exert his prerogatives as leader until the Standing Delegation is convened. The group vice president, Ferencz Csaba, affirmed that the meeting of the Szeklars was scheduled for November 4 and the initiation of the referendum for autonomy would be postponed. National Szeklars’ Council was set up in September 2003 in Sfantu Gheorghe municipal with one purpose, to gain the territorial autonomy of the Szeklars’ Land.The Standing Commission of National Szeklars’ Council has decided that his resignation would not impact on the fight for gaining the territorial autonomy of the Szeklars Land. CNS will continue the steps in keeping with the decision from October 7, to conduct negotiations with the boards of UDMR, National Council of Hungarians from Transylvania (CNMT) and Hungarian Civic Union (UCM), and with the representatives of the Hungarian civic and historic churches organisations in relation to the autonomy and referendum. On the other side, CNS has asked all local and county authorities from the Szeklars Land to initiate the organisation of local referendums for autonomy.“We have clear signals at local level about the cooperation between CNS and UDMR in this respect, we hope that these will materialise”, according to CNS vice president Tulit Attila. We remind that UDMR leader, Marko Bela, made several statements in favour of autonomy but not in support of organising referendums. but newspaper “Ziua” published an article this Saturday showing that the leader of Covasna County Council has been mandated by UDMR to undertake all legal steps for establishing the “Union for the Szeklar Land”. The newspaper believes that UDMR intends to set up a so-called autonomy, based on ethnical criteria in Szeklars’ Land, as well as to have Hungarian language declared as an official language in the area. In order to accomplish this, UDMR concluded an agreement with its past political enemies, National Szeklars’ Council and Hungarian Civic Union. In spite of affirming that the action to set up the Union for the Szeklars’ Land is something that has a legal foundation, the project is meant to produce changes in the Romanian legislation, in the Constitution and in some European norms.
by Adriana Vaida


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