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Nine O'Clock: Marko Bela wants Szeklers’ County autonomy, not agreeing on referendum

Marko Bela wants Szeklers’ County autonomy, not agreeing on referendum
UDMR leader and the leader of National Szeklers’ Council had a first meeting in Targu Mures where they discussed on common aspects as well as on those divergent.
published in issue 3793 page 2 at 2006-10-23

UDMR leader, Marko Bela, and the President of National Szeklers’ County (CNS), Csapo Jozsef, decided, on Friday, in Targu Mures, that these two bodies would join their efforts for obtaining the territorial autonomy of the Szeklers’ County.

“In the end, I believe that territorial autonomy is a joint desire, and we can look for joint approaches”, according to Marko Bela. The union leader added that this cooperation would not mean that UDMR agreed with all the modalities to be used for reaching this aim. “We cannot agree with the organisation of a referendum in relation to the Szeklers’ County because it is the law that does not permit the organisation of such a referendum,” Marko Bela underlined. The leader of CNS, Csapo Jozsef affirms that the will of Hungarians from Romania should be respected. “Such a decision is part of the right to express the people will freely,” according to Csapo Jozsef.

UDMR leader and CNS leader had a first meeting, where they discussed on joint issues but also on those divergent. The two underlined that the discussion on Friday was a step towards autonomy. At the end of the meeting, Marko Bela underlined that he remained open to discussions with all the representatives of the Szeklers’ political and apolitical organisations. The UDMR leader specified that a meeting was scheduled, over the forthcoming time frame, with the President of the National Council of Hungarians from Transylvania, Bishop Laszlo Tokes.

The representatives of the National Council of Szeklers are determined to continue the steps for the organisation of a referendum related to the autonomy. The final decision will be adopted on November 4 on the occasion of the Great Assembly of the Szeklers. The leadership of the Hungarian Civic Union (UCM) welcomed, on Friday, the CNS step to initiate a referendum related to the autonomy of the Szeklers’ County, considering that it was regrettable that UDMR leader was against this referendum.

PSD takes UDMR to the Constitutional Court

After the open letters sent by PSD leader Mircea Geoana to President Traian Basescu and to PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu, where he was criticizing the intensions of UDMR and UCM to organise a referendum in relation to the autonomy of the Szeklers’ County, PSD sent a notification to the Constitutional Court as well.

PSD asks for an opinion related to the legal nature of this action started by UDMR and UCM, according to Mediafax. “This intention (expressed by UDMR and UMC – the editorial office note) is against, in PSD opinion, both the laws in force, the Constitution and against the European norms and we want the Constitutional Court to pass an opinion as to the legal and Constitutional nature of this action”, according to those declared by PSD Spokesperson, quoted by Mediafax. In his turn, UDMR leader, Marko Bela, affirmed that he did not understand PSD reaction particularly that the Union did not support the organisation of the referendum.

UDMR leader declared that he was upset with the Conservative Party as well which announced, early last week, that it would submit a simple motion in the Parliament for having the vice PM Marko Bela dismissed, the charges pressed against them by PC referring to anti-State and anti-Romanian actions. In his turn, PRM leader, Corneliu Vadim Tudor, affirmed that he would support PC simple motion in the Chamber of Deputies and that his party would submit a motion with the Senate to address this topic.

Cezar Preda: Tariceanu tolerates UDMR

PD Vice-President, Deputy Cezar Preda started, on Friday, a tough attack against UDMR, accusing also PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu of too much tolerance in relation to this party. Cezar Preda mentioned from the beginning that it was about his opinion, and not a statement on behalf of PD. Preda declared that the issue of Szeklers’ County autonomy was a compromise which PM should not accept. “By its actions, the proper development of the Government activity is harmed and PM needs to react. It is not the first time when we ask PM to react against UDMR.” “How could Marko Bela be a vice PM, and UDMR within the ruling coalition, and they do a different activity than the one provided by the Governing programme?! They need to step out the ruling coalition, to ask for the autonomy from the Opposition desk, and then everything is fine,” as PD Vice-President Cezar Preda concluded.

Funar: UDMR is a terrorist organisation

Being in Satu Mare, within the election conference of PRM county branch, the Party General Secretary, Gheorghe Funar, declared that the Hungarians from UDMR “are armed and ready to initiate an armed conflict until January 1, 2007,” when Romania joins the European Union. He regards the party led by Marko Bela as a “terrorist organisation” and he informed that he would submit with the Parliament a draft law asking for UDMR to be considered an illegal party. The legislative initiative is called Law on de-communising, in relation to the temporary limitation of access to certain public offices and dignities for the persons who after January 1, 1990, acted in favour of separatist acts based on ethnic criteria.
by Simona Popescu


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