Friday, October 27, 2006

Dzeno Association: Young ethnic Romas ask for state univerzity in mother tongue

Young ethnic Romas ask for state univerzity in mother tongue
20. 10. 2006

Cluj-Napoca - Various ethnic Roma youngsters' lit candles Tuesday, October 17, in Matei Corvin piazza, the position of the candles accounting for the word "Bolyai-Egyetemet (Bolyai University)".
They ask for the setting up of a state university in ethnic Hungarian language and for the financing from Romania's state budget of ethnic Hungarian private universities Sapientia and Partium."Ethnic Hungarians in Romania are the only numerous ethnic group in Europe that has not established an academic education. Babes-Bolyai university is not subject to multiculturalism because the education in ethnic Hungarian tongue has no financial autonomy and cannot be efficiently organized. We pay the taxes of Romania and we think we are entitled to a state university in ethnic Hungarian," said Cristina Sandor, president with the Hungarian Youngsters' Council in Romania. The multi-cultural university Babes-Bolyai, or UBB, was set up in Cluj, central Transylvania, with departments in ethnic Hungarian, German, Hebrew. Many ethnic Hungarians ask for UBB split-up and for the setting up of an exclusively ethnic Hungarian university, namely Bolyai, financed from Romania's state budget.Ethnic Hungarians ask the private universities Sapientia in Cluj-Napoca and Partium in Oradea receive financing from Romania's budget.
(Divers Bulletin)


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