Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Nine O'Clock: Basescu: At Odorheiu Secuiesc there will be as much autonomy as in Caracal

Basescu: At Odorheiu Secuiesc there will be as much autonomy as in Caracal
President Traian Basescu declared yesterday at Targu Mures that at Odorheiu Secuiesc there will be as much autonomy as in any commune from Mures, Harghita or Covasna, because one cannot ignore the Constitution of Romania.
published in issue 3790 page 3 at 2006-10-18

Asked by the journalists how he comments the declarations of the UDMR leader, Marko Bela, regarding the risk of inter-ethnic tension if the Szeklers’ County does not obtain the autonomy, the head of the state declared: “It is an exaggeration. The Romanian citizens must observe the Constitution of Romania, otherwise they would be in collision with the institutions of the state. Of course, we have the right of expression”. In the opinion of President, “the collision” would occur only in the case of concrete actions.Basescu estimated that the declarations made lately by Marko Bela, including the one from Lutita, represent “electoral approaches” through which he tried to convince and attract on UDMR’s side the electorate of the Civic Magyar Union.He declared himself the adept of an “extended autonomy,” in which the local administration would have a bigger role in the decisions made about the community, education and health.Referring to the request of Bolyai Initiative Committee to set up Bolyai State University with tuition in Hungarian, Basescu said that he is against the segregation according to ethnic criteria and the isolation of the Romanian citizens, regardless of nationality, in a Europe in which the multicultural universities are a reality.The UDMR leader Marko Bela spoke again to the Magyars rallied last Sunday at Lutita about the autonomy of the Szeklers, stressing in his speech that the Szeklers will have a better life only after the accomplishment of the autonomy. “Neither Bucharest, nor Budapest or Brussels will offer a better life to the Szeklers, only the Magyars from Transylvania can do this through autonomy,” said the UDMR leader.Marko Bela also stated that he is not against the Romanian language and culture, but wants also the Magyar language to become an official language in Transylvania. He added that the Union will continue to be on the side of the problems of the Romanians “as long as the Magyars are allowed to settle their problems.” “Autonomy and solidarity, this is what we want in Romania and in Europe. So may God help us,” concluded Marko Bela his speech.
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