Saturday, October 14, 2006

Bucharest Daily News: U.S. soldiers involved in bar fight

Bucharest Daily News: U.S. soldiers involved in bar fight
Andreea Pocotila

Several U.S. military personnel on a mission in Romania were involved Thursday evening in an altercation that broke out in a bar in the northern city of Bistrita. A Romanian and an American suffered slight injuries during the scuffle, according to the spokeswoman of the General Police Inspectorate in Bistrita, Raluca Petrean. The altercation involved the owner of the bar, Radu M., 27, and American Nolar T. After a couple of drinks, the latter and four other U.S. soldiers started to extinguish their cigarettes on the carpet of the bar, said Petreanu. The bar's owner and Nolar T. started arguing and hit each other. A Romanian jumped to help Radu M. and got into a fight with another U.S. soldier, Bushie J. Petrean said the local police department is continuing to investigate to find the responsible parties. However, the police head in Bistrita, Alexandru Tanco, said the U.S. military personnel cannot be investigated due to the agreement signed between Romania and the United States. Regarding the Romanians involved in the altercation, he said no complaints were filed against them, so the investigation will most likely end soon.


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