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Nine O'Clock: Theatre and film, January’s main cultural events in Sibiu

Theatre and film, January’s main cultural events in Sibiu
“Carnavalul Lolelor” also takes place this month, over 900 masked characters to attend it
published in issue 3842 page 12 at 2007-01-04

SIBIU - Theatre and film shows will continue the series of events prepared for January within the “Sibiu – 2007 European Cultural Capital” programme, which was inaugurated on Monday. One of the most important events of January will also be the premiere of the show “The Seagull” by A. P. Chekhov, directed by Andrei Serban, at the “Radu Stanca” National Theatre of Sibiu, between January 12 and 14. The first Romanian director to stage at the Metropolitan Opera, at the French Comedy, at the Opera of Vienna and at Covent Garden will bring “The Seagull” to Sibiu, this being the second show directed by Andrei Serban since his return to Romanian stage. The other one, “Cleansed” by Sarah Kane is played in Cluj. With settings created by Andu Dumitrescu, the director cast in “The Seagull” names such as Maia Morgenstern, Mariana Presecan, Tudor Aaron Istodor, Adrian Neacsu, Marian Ralea or Gelu Potzolli.

Another theatre show within the European Cultural Capital programme will have the premiere on January 19 and 20: “The Ball,” directed by Radu Alexandru Nica, with settings by Helmut Sturmer. “The Ball,” based on the idea of the Theatre de Compagnol is in fact a series of stories told through music and dance, displaying aesthetics closed to silent film. Radu Alexandru Nica, winner of UNITER award for debut, will thus illustrate a part of Romania’s history, through the evolution of mentalities and the way of life in the last 80 years of the 20th century.

The theatre shows will be completed during the month by a non-stop cinema programme, within the “Astra Film Fest – 365 windows to the world.” Hosted by the Astra Museum National Complex, the project consists of daily projections of documentaries and weekly thematic programmes about European cultures, between January 4 and 30. The list of films includes: “Trip to Romania” by Anca Damian (2004), “The Wives of Haj-Abbas” by Mohsen Abdolvahab (2001, Iran), “Apocalypses by Cioran,” created by Gabriel Liiceanu and Sorin Iliesiu (1995), “The Angelmakers” by Astrid Bussink (2005, Hungary-Germany), “The Great Communist Plunder” by Alexandru Solomon (2004), “Leaving Transylvania” by Dieter Auner (2002, Ireland), “Balkan Champion” by Reka Kincses (2006, Germany), “The Wonder Maker” by Catalin Stefanescu (2002), “The Curse of the Hedgehog” by Dumitru Budrala (2004), “Adam and Eve” by Dite Dinesz (2003), “Born on command. Decreteii” by Florin Iepan.

The carnival returns to sibiu

Apart from the theatre and film shows, January will also be the month of “Lole Carnival” - a traditional Saxon event from the 17th century, which disappeared with the emigration of Transylvanian Saxons. Thus, on January 27, on Gh Lazar Blvd from the Great Square, on Balcescu Blvd and in Cazarma 90, approx 900 masked characters will parade within the “Lole Carnival,” in their attempt to revitalise the traditions of the Middle Ages trades. In January, Fridays and Saturdays will be dedicated to jazz, blues, jazz rock and fusion, within the “Imperium Nights” project. Romanian artists who will perform include Johnny Raducanu&Friends, Teodora Enache, Cristel Ungar&Marius Popp, Berti Barbera &Nicu Patoi, Nico, Nicu Alifantis, Vali Racila, but there will also be musicians from abroad: Miles Griffith (USA)&Imperium Jazz Band, Susanne Alt Quartet (Holland), Evan Stone Quartet (USA), Quetzal (Belgium), Michel Reis Trio (Luxembourg) etc. Also for this month, there have been prepared concerts of the State Philharmonic from Sibiu, with the participation of soprano Katarina Jovanovici (Serbia) and singer Tatjana Vassiljeva (Russia).
by George Grigoriu


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello, thanks for posting about our Carnival! Just one remark: there will be over 100 masked characters (aprox 127), not over 900 thanks god :-)
Marilena Stanciu, project coordinator EuroEst.

January 19, 2007  

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