Saturday, January 06, 2007

Jurnalul National: Initiative: Cristian Chivu Clothing Line

Initiative: Cristian Chivu Clothing Line
05 Ianuarie 2007 de Marcel Raducanu, Delia Gomoescu

After opening a store in Timisoara, Cristi Chivu is to launch his own clothing line, which will mostly regard casual outfits. The clothes will be manufactured in Romania with Italian fabrics.

Cristi Chivu is known for his fine taste when it comes to choosing the clothes he wears, managing to avoid being caught with an inappropriate outfit on all fashionable events. Chivu has already taken the first steps in the fashion world when he opened a store in Timisoara at the end of last year. The business is being taken care of by the football player’s mother and sister, Diana, which is also the editing director of Expert Traveler.

THE BEGINNING. Cristi had an important influence on his family with the passion for clothes, but the idea of opening a store came up when he saw his mother barely had any time to take care of business. Mariana Chivu had a transport company that used to occupy all her time. In order to make her give up on it, Cristi offered her the store alternative. “I was happy to see he thought about me, because that company was tiring me a lot and I welcomed the idea of running a store. A few months have passed and it seems I can handle it”, the mother of the national football team captain confessed. Mariana Chivu says the name of the store, “Off limits”, was the result of a playful brainstorming session. “We tried different names together with Cristi and his sister, Diana, and we all agreed this was the most appropriate one. I would have named it “Chivu International” to cause rush of customers. Cristi didn’t let me do it. He said it wouldn’t have been right. There aren’t a lot of people knowing this is his store, because he doesn’t get involved in the promotion of it. I would like to have at least a photo of him on one of the walls.”

BUSY. The player’s mother doesn’t like the fact that her son doesn’t have more time to get involved in this project. “I would really like to launch a Cristi Chivu clothing line this spring. We even found a place in Italy to purchase the fabrics from as well as a place here for their manufacturing. We are yet to decide whether it will be a sport or casual line, but we are thinking more of the latter. Cristi’s time is the problem here as well, because we are yet to start the actual work on it.” Even if they are going to purchase expensive fabrics from Italy, the Chivus prefer the Romanian manufacturing methods. This is why the clothes will not be extremely expensive, but they won’t be cheap either, because “we work with quality materials that are quite expensive. I was shocked to find out that Versace produces in Resita in a factory which is right next to our house”, Mariana Chivu concluded.


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