Monday, November 13, 2006 Romanians Bar Entry of Traitorous Hungarian Book

Romanians Bar Entry of Traitorous Hungarian Book (Until 2007)

As super Hungarian Pákó Fekete knows only too well, the magyarok in Erdély (Transylvania) are far more Hungarian than most of us actually living within the borders of "little" Hungary. Unfortunately for them, the Romanians don't see it that way and like to show everyone who's boss from time to time. According to the Erdélyi Kronika, a Hungarian-language newspaper published in Kolozsvár (Cluj-Napoca if you must), they have now taken to censoring books coming across the border - or maybe not, depending on who you want to believe.

The "Szép Erdélyünk" (Our Beautiful Erdély) series of books published by Sopron-based Edutech have apparently been refused entry into Romania by customs officials for being "traitorous and unpatriotic" (or whatever the Commie-era Newspeak words "ország- és nemzetellenes" mean) - at least that's the publisher's version. For their part, the Romanian customs officials have hit back, claiming the request for authorization was cancelled by the publisher, probably because the they could not afford to pay duty on the shipment. Thankfully, according to, it won't matter who is lying and who is telling the truth once the Romanians sneak into the EU in January 2007 - there will be no restrictions on the distribution of books, treacherous or otherwise.


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